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Our crew of service technicians are expertly trained and experienced in the science of modern pest control management. We offer superior insect removal treatments that will get rid of your pests and encourage them to stay gone for good. Kelly exterminating was established in 1981 and continues to provide you with flawless service today.

All our methods are eco-friendly and EPA approved for your protection.

trust your home's safety to Kelly's extermination team. We'll remove those unwanted nests, returning your home to its pre-infestation state and allowing you to get back to your life. Dealing with a swarm of these insects? No problem! We will professionally handle your job no matter how many bees or other hazardous bugs are so you can enjoy your home again.

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How we can help you...

The sight of bee, wasp, or hornets nests is enough to send most people scurrying in the opposite direction. But when you encounter these potentially harmful creatures in your own home or yard, you've got a significantly larger issue. These creatures can infest a home from the outside right into your living space. Avoid any problems with the help of Kelly Exterminating and our team of knowledgeable technicians.

When bees, wasps, and hornets become a problem...

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